FC Team

  •  Frédéric Grimard
    Frédéric Grimard
    Residential Real Estate Broker
    Frédéric Grimard Inc.
  • Carl Parent-Zaccour
    Carl Parent-Zaccour
    Residential Real Estate Broker
    Carl Parent-Zaccour Inc.
  • Sarah Azrak
    Sarah Azrak
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
    Sarah Azrak Inc.
    Sarah Azrak is the ideal person to guide you through buying, selling or renting in the Montreal real estate market. She is truly passionate about real estate and she uses her passion to help others as they navigate this very important journey. Sarah never rests on past accomplishments and always looks for ways to grow and improve herself. She is focused on providing a professional and memorable experience from start to finish. She works hard to deepen her market knowledge and build lasting relationships with clients.Sarah fuels her motivation from the pursuit of her client’s success. 

    As a real estate broker, Sarah understands how important it is to have a solid marketing strategy, adapted to each individual listing. Knowing that today’s buyers are tech savvies, they usually start their research online. Therefore, Sarah runs a thorough digital media campaign through a variety of paid advertising that run on all her social media accounts and her website.  Sarah’s interest in real estate was piqued by her father, a successful Montreal real estate investor.
  • Andréanne Longpré
    Andréanne Longpré
  • Thomas Christensen
    Thomas Christensen
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
  • Jean-Charles Loiselle
    Jean-Charles Loiselle
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
    Jean-Charles is passionate about real estate and puts all his skills and knowledge at your disposal to help you buy or sell your property. He listens to his customers and is transparent in all his transactions. He is confident in his abilities and persistent in finding the property of his clients' dreams. His empathy enables him to understand his customers' needs and find the property that best suits them. Jean-Charles has over 10 years' experience in construction, during which time he was a site foreman. This experience has enabled him to develop unrivalled expertise in the building industry, enabling him to advise his customers with confidence. As a result, his customers can make informed choices while being reassured about the technical aspects of the property. He works in the greater Montreal, Laval, North Shore and South Shore areas, and is available to anyone wishing to buy or sell a property. His goal is to accompany you through every step of the transaction, until you achieve the results you're looking for.Translated with DeepL.com (free version)
  •  Frédéric Grimard Frédéric Grimard
  • Carl Parent-Zaccour Carl Parent-Zaccour
  • Sarah Azrak Sarah Azrak
  • Andréanne Longpré Andréanne Longpré
  • Thomas Christensen Thomas Christensen
  • Jean-Charles Loiselle Jean-Charles Loiselle


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